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Written by Cédric Maria-Sube
July 10 2011 21:17
I recently had the occasion to play again the great game of Carcassonne :

To sum it up, it's (in my opinion) the classic game of Go, revisited, yet with a simpler learning curve for the most commun strategies, and a lighter ambiance. The interactions of the different tiles makes the game edgy, and you have to always keep your eyes open; one tile can completely change your stategy, for the better or for the worst Wink.

It can be played from 2 to 5 players and is quite quick to finish, which gives the possibility of a re-match Wink. The game's rules are rather simple, and the tiles, pawns, and point counters are all clear and well thought out, which makes it a game that can be played rather young, and still maintain a lot of interest for adults.
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