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Written by Cédric Maria-Sube
October 01 2011 13:26
Last night at the OctoGônes gaming convention, I tried out two games.

The first was "Off the Dead" ( I really liked how it incarnated the atmosphere of horror films : a first phase to get some equipement (the search rule is simple but clever) while the hord advances, then all hell breaks out and you have to collaborate as best as possible with you fellow survivors to try to make it till the end of the game without succombing to the zombie infection.

The second was "King of Tokyo" (designed by Mr Richard Garfield). This one is a little bit less serious but much fun was had putting our monsters against each other in the ruins of Tokyo. Maybe we were a bit too heavy handed on the fighting part, but we regretted that we couldn't use as many effect cards as we wanted. The special dice are the kernel of this game, and I was surprised to see how balanced and not fait oriented it summed up to be.
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