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Written by Cédric Maria-Sube
April 26 2012 22:24
The opening keynotes were presented by two personnes.

Firstly, Martin Görner (Googler) invited us to get the Chrome for Android (ICS). The Javascript motor was rewritten, is faster, and incorporates gestures (you can, among other things, manage your tabs like a stack of cards!). They optimised Canvas, 3D, CSS, ... On the other hand, WebGL, WabAudioGL API, and Flex don't work yet. But, remotedebugging works !!11!1!

Then, Claire Blondel, who is a quality engineer, took the mike. Her talk puzzled quite a lot of people but echoed so much of my childhood. Through examples of her travels and her family, she explained how, in France, making mistakes is "inexcusable". This, according to her, can bring low self-esteem, lack of autonomy to deal with mistakes, and lack of perseverence to deal with them.
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