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Written by Cédric Maria-Sube
October 08 2014 15:11
Last night, I was at the Club Agile Rhône-Alpes session and participated in the serious game : The Derdians.

The game simulates two very different cultures that are trying to work together. It was initially designed by the Council of Europe and the European Commission in 2000 to show how things can be perceived differently from one country to the other.

With some very simple rules, the experience is eye-opening, and may I say it ... shocking! Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly recommend the game if you have an opportunity to play it.

I haven't put any links to the rules of the game on purpose in order to not spoil it (it's one of those "once you have seen it, it can never be undone things" and rule #1 of the Fight Club Wink ). But you can easily Google them if you want to try them out with your team.
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