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Written by Cédric Maria-Sube
April 25 2015 23:12
Since Thursday 25/04/2015, I've been enjoying my Toshiba Chromebook 2 (CB30-B-104) Smile !

It's light, fast, and just plain simple to use. For everyday uses (mail, web, documents, spreadsheet, slides, ...) it works great (even offline for the majority of the applications).

For more advanced usages, I'm steadily upping my game. For now, I'm using for :

*) FTP : SFTP;
*) Vector graphics : Einked;
*) Photo editing : Pixlr Editor;
*) Coding : this is the field where I'm still exploring. For everything web related, I'm trying out Chrome Dev Editor, and other HTLM synced editors to get direct feedback. For Java developments, I'm testing Codenvy and other online IDEs. Solutions exist, I just need to find what fits best my workflow.

Concerning 3D graphics, 2 solutions exist. Either the Chrome Remote Desktop (to my other computer), or rollApp who offers an online desktop hosting solution.
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